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Twotixx’s verified attendees feature ensures your customer’s digital identity matches their real world identity.

Token gating is a verification method whereby communities can provide exclusive access to spaces, events and content. An example would be musicians may issue NFT collections to give their fans exclusive access to pre-sale tickets or events.

Distribute Proof-of-Attendance NFTs, Digital Certificates, and other cool & special memorabilia. Users can keep digital memories from their favourite events, trade items, and get access to exclusive offers & perks.

Tickets are issued digitally and the optional NFT tickets are programmable, giving you complete control over the lifecycle of a ticket.

Our smart tickets generate significant amount of data, which is all yours. Easily optimise your marketing efforts for future events and specific target groups by building your own database.

Twotixx can be easily integrated into your current ticketing system. Utilise Twotixx’s REST API and offer your customers the latest in event ticketing technology.

Twotixx Identity Verification is trusted to ensure the person pictured in the ID and the person attending the event are the same. On entry, the Venue app displays the ticket holder's verified name and photo.

The Twotixx marketplace provides a secure environment for secondary ticket sales. And purchases between verified users, where resale can be capped at face value.

Enable or disable feature modules based on business requirements. This allows for greater flexibility and customisation to move between Web2 and Web3 features.

Through Twotixx's KYC process, the date of birth of users is verified through a third party identity service, where an ID document is provided and verified.

In support of our partnership strategy, we can offer redeemable extras, upgrades, and special offers in order to reward fan loyalty.

Cloud architecture allows us to scale dynamically to handle any sized event.