Our mission and why

We’re focussed on solving all the issues that plague the ticketing industry and putting the power back into the hands of fans.

It’s time to safeguard the world of ticketing.

It is our goal to make a difference, and we have designed our platform to do just that. We have the tools to eliminate touting, fraud, scams, and unfair resales while improving vendor security and fan/artist relationships.

Event security

Event promoters know all the event attendees even if the ticket has changed hands

Counterfeit &

Tokenised tickets distributed to the user-verified mobile app guarantees authenticity

Touting & Scalping

Secondary market resale values can be capped at face value resulting in fair ticket resale for genuine fans


Simultaneous transfer of ticket and payment in the secondary market removes any requirement for trust

We pioneer.

We challenge.

We innovate.

It’s our mission to change the game.